Our typical Sunday Morning Worship Service includes the following:

Our worship service is held every Sunday morning at 4075 Beck Road in Jonesville. It begins at 10:30 AM and ends around 12:00 PM. At Hillsdale Assembly of God, you will notice that we devote a good amount of time towards the worship of Jesus in song. We do this because we believe the first and greatest purpose of the church, Christ's bride, is to worship Him! All other ministries flow out of and are fueled by worship. We desire to worship Jesus passionately, expressing praise and love and gratitude for Him and His deeds. We emphasize music in worship because it is a time honored medium and because the Scriptures admonish us to enter the presence of the Lord with music.

People are welcome to express worship in many different ways. Whether kneeling, sitting, raising hands, or even dancing, we recognize that worship is first a posture of the heart. Our desire is to foster an environment of freedom for individual expressions of worship, honoring the Bible as our guide. We love worshiping the Living God, and we hope that you will join us in this great ministry to Him! We welcome all to attend our Sunday morning worship services!

Programs are available for children during the worship service:

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